Dream Center Education Holdings, which owns the Art Institutes and Argosy University, kept students within the dark about the status of the faculties despite instructions to spread the word, consistent with the upper Learning Commission, its accreditor. the upper Learning Commission had raised concerns about the standard of education at the campuses and downgraded their status for up to four years while reviewing the Dream Center’s 2017 acquisition of the Art Institute and Argosy campuses.

The Higher Learning Commission issued a public notice in January 2018 and notified state education agencies and therefore the Department of Education of its decision. Still, the agency continued issuing loans to Art Institute students, albeit for-profit colleges must be fully accredited to participate in federal student aid programs.

The for-profit schools’ downgraded designation as “pre-accredited” institutions prohibited them from receiving federal student aid, although nonprofit schools with an equivalent status can receive aid. consistent with letters obtained by the House committee, the Department of Education in May 2018 retroactively designated the faculties as nonprofits effective Jan. 20, 2018, the date they lost their accreditation. meaning they might receive federal student aid.

Education Department spokeswoman Angela Morabito said Thursday that the agency maintains that the faculties remained accredited through the change in ownership.

The decision stems from a lawsuit brought in October by former students at the Art Institute of Colorado and therefore the Illinois art institutes student loan forgiveness against the department and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The plaintiffs accuse the agency of providing loans albeit Department of Education officials knew the faculties weren’t accredited and, as a result, ineligible to receive such aid. the previous students have argued that they ought to not be forced to repay loans that were issued unlawfully.

How to Apply for the Closed School Discharge
To apply for the art institute loan forgiveness through the discharge program, you need to get the necessary documents and information ready and visit the federal student loan aid website.
NOTE: The link takes you to the official government website and is reliable. Also, remember to watch out for scams and fraudulent websites. Avoid these websites and apply at the link above.

Below Are the Steps to Apply
Step 1
Download the application from the link.
Step 2
Complete it by providing the right information for all the different fields.
Step 3
Submit the filled form to your loan servicer.
Step 4
In case you don’t know who your loan servicer is, it is the same company that you make your monthly student loan payments to.
Remember, every student loan servicer may have their procedures in place for working on your Closed School Discharge application. Therefore remember to contact them for more information and clarification on the matter. For students who do not qualify for art institute loan forgiveness under this program, consider the Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment. You can find the details below.

Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment
The Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment is a program introduced by the United States federal government to help student borrowers who obtained loans to complete their education at schools that later acted in any fraudulent or dishonest way. The program exists as an effort from the government to help such students continue their education.
In the case of the Art Institute, it’s proven beyond reasonable doubt and proved in court that Educational Management Corporation had committed several fraudulent acts during the operation of its Art Institutes. Under the circumstances, any individual who owes student loans from the Art Institutes becomes automatically eligible to receive art institute loan forgiveness under the borrower’s Defense program. Under this program, you can obtain total loan discharge.

Some illegal activities charged by DOJ include fraudulent recruiting and unlawful marketing. As a result, a lot of students from different walks of life felt the impact of these activities. Thankfully, a lot of these students have already received compensation through loan forgiveness under the Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment Discharge?

So what are you waiting for?
If you meet the eligibility criteria, make sure you get the compensation you deserve from the forgiveness program. You can be confident about the legitimacy of the Borrower’s Defense program. We can guarantee with all certainty that this program is legit!
For many students currently enrolled in other institutions and trying to complete their education, this is the best option. Especially under their current circumstances that render them unfit for the Closed program. If you decide to move forward with an application for the Borrower’s Defense Against Repayment, then you stand an excellent chance to write off your debts and benefit from the art institute loan forgiveness.
Before you apply, there is some crucial information you need to consider.

Eligibility Criteria
Students are eligible to benefit from student forgiveness if they can successfully do one vital thing. As a student must successfully connect their Borrower’s Defense Claim to the lawsuit that brought down the Art Institute and its fraudulent activities. Please find below some of the necessary details you need to add to your application.
Monetary settlement figures
Links to reputable sources
Any other details you can provide to help build a strong case against the school.
Only after including all the necessary information, should you submit your application. Provided your application is successful, you can enjoy the art institute loan forgiveness, and get refunds for all your previous loan repayments. Since the benefits of this program are so significant, you don’t want to do anything that disqualifies you. Therefore, remember to pay close attention to the details and make sure to enter all the information required on the application form correctly. The application process isn’t challenging, but as mentioned earlier, you must complete it with extreme care. Please refer to the section below for details on the application procedure.