River Monsters Fish On! the essential digital logbook for River Monsters fans and anglers of all ages now features exclusive River Monsters video content and classic clips from the hit television program River Monsters for the primary time also as all new features and functionality. the straightforward to use Fish On! app will connect you instantly to a worldwide community of anglers, allowing you to log, compare and compete for the most important catch. Fish On! is liberal to download with an optional in-app subscription to River Monsters Extra.

With River Monsters Fish On! you can:

* Log your catch in seconds while on the river bank app will automatically record your location, weather and atmospheric pressure at time of catch,

* Upload your catch details at a later date (for those fishing in remote locations without internet coverage!),

* See fellow anglers catches appear within the directory in real time,

* Search the catch directory by species, bait, location etc. take tips from other anglers about what has worked best for them,

Weekly River Monsters video content including exclusive Kit On webisodes featuring Jeremy Wade plus classic River Monsters clips. Enhanced follow feature follow up to 50 users and locations to remain up so far with fellow anglers and your essential fishing spots. Tide and atmospheric pressure forecasting check ahead for the forecast of your fishing trip.

The main theme of the game is perfectly fitted with the name tag as it portrays the blue ocean in the background. You will witness various colorful sea creatures in different shapes and sizes. While exploring the undersea world, keep an eye on the wild shark as they tend to scare other little fishes whenever they appear on the win line. Do not let the look of the shark scare you because that symbol can solely change the dynamic of the game and help you to earn more cash.

The Wild Shark by River Monster is one of those fish games that allows players to win instantly as soon as they start the game. For instance, let’s say that you got the seashell combination in the first spin, then your reward will be around 1000 coins. As soon as the start fish and clownfish appears on the reels, that amount will go up to 2000 coins. Puffer Fish combination will bring you around 5000 coins while the Angelfish can get you 10 000.

The most generous prize will come as you can find the jeweled Crowns throughout the game, which will add 50 000 coins to your balance. The game offers a mystery card feature too. By guessing the color of the card, you can double up the rewards. Keep in mind that, you can only activate the mystery card feature after winning spins.

Columbus Deluxe is another fun slot that you can find in our gaming library. The main storyline and the theme of the slot are about one of the most famous overseas voyages that changed the history of the world, which is Columbus’s passage to the East Indies. On the voyage, Columbus found the North American content and unlimited riches on the land as well. By playing the Columbus Deluxe, you will have a chance to do the same and conquer the most attractive rewards on your way out.